How to Look Good Kissing in Photographs

We’re talking here about kissing.  Kissing is intimate,  passionate, and  something that happens while in the arms of the person you are most in love with. Because the kiss involves only you and your love, it doesn’t usually matter how it looks. But there are the few rare occasions when it’s in public and on…

The Importance of Prints

Last week, Elise and I finally got reservations at a new, classy restaurant near us. We had heard rave reviews both on the food and staff, and since finding time to enjoy evenings like this is becoming harder and harder to find, we were both excited about the opportunity. When we arrived, we were incredibly…

Max and Sarah – BeachHorses Engagement

We love shooting for And we REALLY love when there is an engagement that pops up during the ride.  This is Max and his now fiance Sarah.  They had a great, sunset ride.  He finished the ride with a question that will change both of their lives…AND SHE SAID YES! Best wishes Sarah and…

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