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Business and Event Photography

Our philosophy on business photography

Business is personal. No one knows this more than we do.We have learned that we have to cultivate deep personal relationships with our prospects to win business in the new economy. You’ve probably heard the saying that “people buy from people that they know, like and trust”, and so what better way to build trust and establish a rapport than by putting a face to your name.

Most of today’s marketing messages are competing for attention with the likes of social media, busy advertising messages and high-quality visual stimuli. You need to communicate in a very personal and unique way to stand out from the crowd. Having the same studio business portrait with the same studio backdrop as the business owner down the road doesn’t accomplish this; you’ll simply blend into what everyone else is doing. We approach business portraits the same way that we would approach any other type of portrait session. We aim to portray warmth and comfort in a familiar and welcoming environment.

Our philosophy on event photography

Professional, bold event photos are a critical part of your communications and social media strategy. If done right, these event images will highlight the strength and success of your event, help build your organization's brand, and contribute to the growth of your event in future years. Whether you are hosting a corporate, non-profit, political, youth, or philanthropic gathering, you deserve images that convey the energy, emotion, and production value of your event. When you look back and your photos, you should have the feeling of "wow, these look amazing."

When you hire us to be your event photographers, you are hiring an experienced professional team who go above and beyond to provide the images that you want on the timeline that you need.  Our guiding principles are professionalism, thoroughness, and creativity.

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Two Packages to Choose From

Business Photography

There are two pieces to pricing your business portraits – the session itself and your finished image(s). Pricing for your session will depend on how much time we’ll need, but we normally find that one hour is the perfect amount to get several different looks and/or backgrounds at one location.

One-hour, on-location business portrait sessions are $200. Digital files can be purchased individually for $40/each. Alternatively, the session and all digital files is $375. Additional time is $150/hour if required.

Finished images are typically delivered via digital download or on an archival USB key. We always create different versions of your digital images, optimized for your specific uses, such as web, social media, print advertising, etc. This way you can simply hand over the files to your graphic designer, web administrator or advertising manager.

Event Photography

Digital files are included with all event sessions. We always provide several versions of file optimized for their use, whether that is for social media, web, or print advertising.  This way, you simply hand the files over to your graphic designer, web administrator or advertising manager.

Event packages are always priced per hour.  The first hour for event services costs $350, with each additional hour costing $150 for up to 6 hours coverage.  For events 7 hours and over, an hourly rate of $200 will be charged.

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