Meet Us

Our vision about photography

“We believe in simple, timeless imagery that documents feelings, people, and connections.”

When we photograph you as a couple, we want you to feel comfortable and have fun together.  We have a calm but professional approach to wedding photography.  This sets the stage for creating images that are true to you, capturing the happiness and love that represents who you are and the way you are together.

Our wedding photography style reflects our overall beliefs about happiness, love and life.

We believe in simple, timeless imagery that documents the feelings, people, and connections that make your wedding day so special. Our goal is to provide couples great memories of their wedding day – memories they can hold in their hands and show to their friends and families for years to come. We believe the portraits on the wedding day are important, but it’s the moments that reflect the feelings of this important day that make photography valuable.

“Wedding photography is about people, relationships, and moments in time they share together.”

This is what we provide.  Wedding photography is about people, relationships, and moments in time they share together. We capture those moments for you so when you look back on your day through the photographs we capture you have the same feeling you had on your wedding day.

We believe photography should be tangible –  a beautiful print held in your hands or stunning album in your lap, or a gorgeous piece of art hanging on a wall in your home – enjoyed without the need of technology.  We believe the photographs we take today will only become more valuable as time passes.

We believe that laughter is the best form of expression, and we should find the enjoyment in everything we do.  Finally, we believe there is nothing more important than time with family, friends, and loved ones.

Below are some of our favorite images.  They represent our timeless, classic and genuine approach to wedding photography.  Please feel free to browse through these images.